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2012-01-09 10:04 am

Kuro/Fai fic master list

Hello! I thought I should do like the cool kids and post a master list for my kuro/fai fanfiction here. This list is also available on my journal here and on livejournal (where I go under the name of sweetjerry too, ain't that convenient?). Of course, all these fics are posted on the comm on lj, because fuck posting them all in my personal journal here or whatever. I am lazy. It has taken me ages to even do a master list.
Oh, and all fics on this list are are PG-13, unless something else is specified ^^

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2009-05-17 05:17 pm

(no subject)

I am not, in fact, a sock puppet, or any other kind of puppet either. I am just really lame and don't know quite what to put in my journal, and I mostly read fanfiction and go YAY! at other people's awesomeness... You get it, I hope. So, yeah. I wish I could be more creative than this, but unfortunately, I'm in a boring mood. Maybe tomorrow I'll post some fanfiction. How about that?